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Written by Andreas Böhler   
Sunday, 12 October 2008 21:12

Three weeks ago, I received my new toy: A Acer Aspire One Netook! And today, I voided my warranty and added internal bluetooth. While I was on my way, I also upgraded the RAM to 1.5GB and exchanged the wireless card for a Gigabyte GN-WI01GT. This was BY FAR the coolest mod I've ever done :)


Disclaimer: Everything you do to your One you do on your own responsibility! I can in no way be made responsible for any damage or voided warranty YOU do. I'm just showing the details and procedures that worked FOR ME. 

But now to the dirty details:  I used an old USB extension cable and soldered the cable to an unpopulated USB port on the motherboard. I then packed the newly added port together with a Bluetooth Nano Stick (Hama) into the empty Mini-PCIe Slot on the bottom.

The completed mod looks like this:

For disassembly, I more or less followed a video guide by tnkgrl that can be found here. The next step was to locate an unused USB port. Contrary to tnkgrl, I used a pin-header a guy on the forum found: Additional USB port on the mainboard. On the harddisk-models, this header is beneath the harddisk, so you apparently have to solder somewhat flat.

Beware that you need at least moderate to good soldering skills in order to not ruin your mainboard! 

After soldering, the mainboard looks like this:

Well, the last step was to assemble the unit togheter (reverse order, be careful to snap every part of the cover correctly in) and check out the newly added bluetooth support!

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