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Written by Andreas Böhler   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 12:37

The "Telekom Austria" / AON, one of the biggest Internet providers in Austria, supply their customers with Modem/Router combinations by Thomson, by design equipped with WiFi and configured for WPA access. The default key is provided by a sticker on the modem. What most of the customers are not aware of is the fact htat this algorithm can easily be brute-forced. In about 30 seconds a recent computer can crack the WPA key.


I pre-calculated more than 14 million WPA/key combinations and made them available online. You can use my tool to test if your router is vulnerable. It is available here:


Just fill in your SSID and your default encryption key should be visible, if it is in the database. 

This work is based on other people's algorithms I found online. Just do a google search for "stkeys.c" and you will find the algorithm my database is based on. So far, it has worked for me for every tested router!

Be aware that cracking into other people's WiFi networks is illegal if you don't have permission to do so. I provide my tools and experience just for reference and evaluation purposes - and to stop AON from supplying insecure routers to their costumers!


Comments (2)
  • vasilis stamos  - stdump

    hello, can you please send me a link to download the txt file with ssid's and keys cause i can not get stdump.c to work.
    thank you

  • andreas

    Sorry, I don't have this file anymore. There are tons of other calculation programs out there, just pick oe.

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